Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Communication Systems - Simon Haykin

This book covers everything that is to be known about communication, both analog and digital

Authors :  Simon Haykin
Publisher : Wiley (2007) 

Summary Of The Book

Communication Systems 3rd Edition is an easy text that has been extensively revised to make the study of digital communications as simple as possible. The first part is of the introductory type. whereas the subject is taken into depth right from the second chapter. The content is instanced with plenty of examples and computer-based experiments. Almost every chapter ends with numerous problems. The material is presented in a logical manner, with the aim of helping the student develop a grasp of the theory that is under discussion. A distinctive feature of the book is the inclusion of eight computer experiments using MATLAB. The make-up of the material for the course is naturally determined by the background of the students and the interests of the teachers involved. The material covered in the book is both broad and deep enough to satisfy a variety of backgrounds and interests.

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