Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to simulate Arduino in Proteus

Arduino is a must have for all those people who love electronics and want do something good with their spare time. Arduinos are available in different sizes ( I am not referring to their physical sizes, rather their processor capabilities,ports etc.. ) and for almost all the uses that we want from a board. From Arduino Nano to Arduino robot there are around 20 boards to suit our use, and each one has a special built in module, specific for athe application that we intend to achieve with it. 

For all those who want to use the board for a general purpose ( for people like me who doesn’t stick on with a single project and keep on experimenting with it :) ) I would recommend Arduino Uno board ( It’s affordable also ). But sometimes what happens is, we won’t be having the board with us but still we want to check if the code written is working or not.