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Engineering Circuit Analysis - W. H. Hayt, S. M. Durbin, J. E. Kemmerly

The readers are given key insight into the concepts pertaining to circuit analysis. The presentation of this book is simple and the topics are explained by incorporating numerous examples and computer-aided analyses.

Authors :  W. H. Hayt, S. M. Durbin, J. E. Kemmerly
Publisher : Tata Mcgraw Hill Education
Published in : 2010
Edition : 5th

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How to simulate Arduino in Proteus

Arduino is a must have for all those people who love electronics and want do something good with their spare time. Arduinos are available in different sizes ( I am not referring to their physical sizes, rather their processor capabilities,ports etc.. ) and for almost all the uses that we want from a board. From Arduino Nano to Arduino robot there are around 20 boards to suit our use, and each one has a special built in module, specific for athe application that we intend to achieve with it. 

For all those who want to use the board for a general purpose ( for people like me who doesn’t stick on with a single project and keep on experimenting with it :) ) I would recommend Arduino Uno board ( It’s affordable also ). But sometimes what happens is, we won’t be having the board with us but still we want to check if the code written is working or not.

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Physics of Semiconductor Devices - Simon M. Sze, Kwok K. Ng

Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Third Edition offers engineers, research scientists, faculty, and students a practical basis for understanding the most important devices in use today and for evaluating future device performance and limitations.

Authors :  Simon M. Sze, Kwok K. Ng
Publisher : 
John Wiley & Sons
Published in  : 2006
Edition : 3rd

Microwave devices and circuits - Samuel Y. Liao

An ideal text for students, this text presents up-to-date coverage of microwave tubes and solid-state devicesalong with scores of techniques for designing problem-free microwave circuits.

Authors :  Samuel Y. Liao
Publisher : 
Prentice Hall
Published in  : 1996
Edition : 2nd

Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Erwin Kreyszig

The tenth edition of this bestselling text includes examples in more detail and more applied exercises; both changes are aimed at making the material more relevant and accessible to readers. Kreyszig introduces engineers and computer scientists to advanced math topics as they relate to practical problems. It goes into the following topics at great depth differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, vector analysis, complex analysis, and linear algebra/differential equations.

Authors :  Erwin Kreyszig
Publisher : 
John Wiley & Sons
Published in  : 2010
Edition : 10th

Antennas - John Kraus

Long known as 'Antenna Bible' the book has always covered and presented everything on Antennas very comprehensively.

Authors :  John Kraus
Publisher : 
Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Published in  : 2008
Edition : 2nd

Elements of Electromagnetics - Matthew N. O. Sadiku

Elements of Electromagnetics, Fifth Edition, uses a vectors-first approach to explain electrostatics, magnetostatics, fields, waves, and applications like transmission lines, waveguides, and antennas. The book also provides a balanced presentation of time-varying and static fields, preparing students for employment in today's industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Authors :  Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Published in  : 2009
Edition : 4th

Automatic Control Systems - Benjamin C. Kuo

Automatic Control Systems provides engineers with a fresh new controls book that places special emphasis on mechatronics. It follows a revolutionary approach by actually including a physical lab. In addition, readers will find authoritative coverage of modern design tools and examples. Current mechatronics applications build motivation to learn the material. Extensive use of virtual lab software is also integrated throughout the chapters. Engineers will gain a strong understand of control systems with the help of modern examples and exercises.

Authors :  Benjamin C. Kuo
Publisher : 
John Wiley & Sons
Published in  : 2009
Edition : 3rd

Control Systems Engineering - Norman S. Nise

Designed to make the material easy to understand, this clear and thorough book emphasizes the practical application of systems engineering to the design and analysis of feedback systems. Nise applies control systems theory and concepts to current real-world problems, showing readers how to build control systems that can support today's advanced technology.

Authors :  Norman S. Nise
Publisher : 
John Wiley & Sons
Published in  : 2010
Edition : 6th

Communication Systems Engineering - John G. Proakis, Masoud Salehi

With an emphasis on digital communications, Communication Systems Engineering, Second Edition introduces the basic principles underlying the analysis and design of communication systems. In addition, this text gives a solid introduction to analog communications and a review of important mathematical foundation topics.

Authors : John G. Proakis, Masoud Salehi
Publisher : 
Pearson Education
Published in  : 2001
Edition : 2nd

Signals and Systems - Simon Haykin, Barry Van Veen

Intended for use in an undergraduate course in electrical engineering, this book provides a modern treatment of signals and systems. It will prepare students for senior-level courses in communication systems, control systems, and digital signal processing (as encountered in digital audio), radar, radio, astronomy, sonar, remote sensing, seismology, and biomedical engineering. Examples and drill problems and solutions are provided throughout the book.

Authors :  Simon Haykin, Barry Van Veen
Publisher : 
John Wiley

Published in  : 2007
Edition : 2nd

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Robots on cloud – Smaller, Cheaper and Smarter

The visionary story teller Isaac Asimov  told the world about the future era of robots  and automatons in 1950’s through his works, and inspired them to make robotics a reality. Even though he was not a scientist or a core technical guy, his imaginations and predictions are the beginning of the ‘present’ that we are having. So, from its embryonic stage, robotics is growing by trying to realize the dreams of some imaginary people and their works.
The Matrix (1999), was more of a technological movie than just a usual action flick.  You may disagree with the author now, but after reading this story, you will definitely start believing it. In the movie the wachowski brothers portrayed many fascinating things  that we could only dream of, but the audience discarded them thinking they were just some imaginary fantasies and are never going to be anywhere near  the ‘reality’. In the movie, characters were able to learn a particular skill just by downloading the required data into their brain. That’s how Trinity learns to fly a helicopter and Neo learns to fight in just  fraction of a second.
So, according to a new technology all these are no longer just a dream or crazy imagination but a reality that we will heavily depend in future. For us humans, with our offline, non-upgradable meat brains, the possibility of acquiring new skills by connecting our heads to a computer network is still science fiction.
But not so for robots..

Robots On Cloud

Its a presentation on the upcoming technolgy in the field of robotics, which enables them to be

Smaller, Smarter and Cheaper

Why do we fall ?

Mathew 7:13

CMOS VLSI Design : A Circuits and Systems Perspective - Neil H.E. Weste, David Harris, Ayan Banerjee

CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective explains CMOS VLSI design in detail. It discusses the emerging trends and techniques in the design of complex, high performance CMOS chips.

Authors :  Neil H.E. Weste, David Harris, Ayan Banerjee
Publisher : Pearson (2006) 

Communication Systems - Simon Haykin

This book covers everything that is to be known about communication, both analog and digital

Authors :  Simon Haykin
Publisher : Wiley (2007) 

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Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory - Robert Boylested, Louis Nashelshy

This book covers basic electronics to complex analog circuits , their design and implementation. A must have for learning the most important electronic compund BJT and its applications

Authors :  Robert Boylested,Louis Nashelshy
Publisher : PHI Learning 

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My 4 years at CEC..!!

You Really Gave me many things which I am yet to explore..

Modern Control Engineering - Katsuhiko Ogata

Modern Control Engineering is a reference book designed for the senior and undergraduate students of chemical, mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, who are studying Control Systems.

Authors :  Katsuhiko Ogata
Publisher :
PHI Learning 

Digital Design - M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti

Digital Design 4th Edition deals with basic concepts of digital logic design and covers essential technical guidelines for different circuits and digital applications. 

Authors M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti
Publisher :
Pearson Education

Published in  : 2008
Edition : 4th

Signals and Systems - Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, S. Hamid Nawab

This comprehensive book on signals and systems develops continuous-time and discrete-time concepts/methods in parallel, highlighting the similarities and differences. It also features introductory treatments of the applications of these basic methods in areas such as filtering, communication, sampling, discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals, and feedback.

Authors :  Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, S. Hamid Nawab
Publisher :
PHI Learning

Published in  : 2009
Edition : 2nd

Integrated Electronics - Jacob Millman

 This is the book that is called as the 'Bible of electronics' from the great Jacob Millman. As one of my teachers said 
"Integrated electronics from Millman is not just a book explaining what is electronics, rather whatever is said in this book is called electronics"

Authors :  Jacob Millman
Publisher :
Tata McGraw-Hill Education 

Fundamentals of Microelectronics - Behzad Razavi

Fundamentals Of Microelectronics is a book that aims at covering a number of core concepts pertaining to the field of Microelectronics.

Authors :  Behzad Razavi
Publisher :
Wiley India Pvt Ltd
Published in  : 2006 

Engineering Electromagnetics - William H. Hayt, Jr.. John A. Buck

This is the best book to study the basics of Electromagnetics including basic vector and co-ordinate systems, electro and magneto statics as well as EM waves.

Authors :  William H. Hayt, Jr.. John A. Buck
Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Edition : 5th

Summary Of The Book

Engineering Electromagnetics teaches fundamental concepts and problem solving from their theoretical conception to their practical realizations. Numerous analogies and illustrations are provided to aid the reader in grasping the concepts with ease.

The book lays emphasis on independent learning and this is facilitated by the inclusion of many problems and examples. Engineering Electromagnetics contains chapters on Vector Analysis, Columbus’ Law and Electric Field Intensity, Energy and Potential, Current and Conductors, Transmission Lines, Waveguide, and a host of other chapters on theories of electromagnetism. Included in this updated version are sections on micro strip line and transmission line losses in the chapters Waveguide and Transmission Lines respectively.