Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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How to simulate Arduino in Proteus

Arduino is a must have for all those people who love electronics and want do something good with their spare time. Arduinos are available in different sizes ( I am not referring to their physical sizes, rather their processor capabilities,ports etc.. ) and for almost all the uses that we want from a board. From Arduino Nano to Arduino robot there are around 20 boards to suit our use, and each one has a special built in module, specific for athe application that we intend to achieve with it. 

For all those who want to use the board for a general purpose ( for people like me who doesn’t stick on with a single project and keep on experimenting with it :) ) I would recommend Arduino Uno board ( It’s affordable also ). But sometimes what happens is, we won’t be having the board with us but still we want to check if the code written is working or not.

I am going to tell you how to simulate an arduino board in Proteus software so that you all can test whether your code is working , without the board or any other hardware needed.

1.) First Make sure you have both the softwares

    • Labceneter Proteus ( If you don't download from here )
    • Arduino ( If you don't download from here )
2.) Now Download the Arduino Library for Proteus from here
3.) On extracting the zip file, copy the files ARDUINO.IDX, ARDUINO.LIB to the following folder

     C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus[version]\LIBRARY\

4.) Now search for arduino in proteus ( as we normally search for components ) and you can find 3 boards including UNO.

Note : If the board is not functioning properly then your Proteus may not be having AVR library. The extract the AVR2 file inside the downloaded folder and copy to the folder specified above.

You can share the cicuits you created and simulated here..!!


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