Friday, April 19, 2013

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Fundamentals of Microelectronics - Behzad Razavi

Fundamentals Of Microelectronics is a book that aims at covering a number of core concepts pertaining to the field of Microelectronics.

Authors :  Behzad Razavi
Publisher :
Wiley India Pvt Ltd
Published in  : 2006 

Summary Of The Book

Fundamentals Of Microelectronics provides its readers with a detailed explanation of modern circuit design, by incorporating a practical approach. The author also enlightens the readers on the big picture of the field of Microelectronics. Additionally, he provides detailed insight into diode models, and circuits, MOS, and bipolar circuits.

In total, there are 16 chapters in this book, each covering several fundamental concepts of microelectronics. Some of the chapters in this book include Operational Amplifier As A Black Box, Output Stages And Power Amplifiers, Basic Physics Of Semiconductors, Physics Of MOS Transistors, CASCODE Stages And Current Mirrors, Diode Models And Circuits, Bipolar Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, and Digital CMOS Circuits.

Razavi also throws light on the usage of an operational amplifier as a black box, frequency response, and cascades and current mirrors. The detailed, yet practical explanations in this book make it ideal for students or practicing engineers who want to better their understanding of the subject.

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