Friday, April 19, 2013

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Modern Control Engineering - Katsuhiko Ogata

Modern Control Engineering is a reference book designed for the senior and undergraduate students of chemical, mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, who are studying Control Systems.

Authors :  Katsuhiko Ogata
Publisher :
PHI Learning 

Summary Of The Book

Modern Control Engineering is the fifth edition of the senior-level textbook for control engineering that provides a comprehensive coverage of the continuous-time control systems. It discusses the analysis and design of the Control Theory.
Katsuhiko Ogata has provided the entire content of the book in an organized manner. He begins by emphasizing the basic concepts of control systems. Then, he organizes the material in a manner in which the control theory is developed gradually at a pace at which readers can absorb the information easily.
The latest edition of the Modern Control Engineering includes the various approaches that are used to analyze and design the control systems such as root-locus, frequency response, and state-space approach.
Modern Control Engineering has been divided into ten chapters. The first chapter lays the foundation of the book by presenting an introduction to control systems. It provides discussions on mathematical modeling of control systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, fluid systems, and thermal systems. It further explores the transient and steady-state response analyses. The author also discusses PID controllers and modified PID controllers.
The book comes loaded with computational problems that have been solved with MATLAB. Moreover, numerous solved problems have been included to ensure that the students get the basic understanding of system behavior and control.
Also, for better understanding, the author has avoided highly mathematical arguments. The abundance of worked problems featured throughout the book adds to its usefulness. Apart from this, the end-of-chapter problems and the worked examples have been thoroughly updated and revised. Thus, the book is an ideal one for control systems engineers.


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